SRPSKO LIVAČKO DRUSTVO - The 15th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2014 Successfully Held in Qingdao
<h3>Srpsko Livačko Društvo</h3>
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The 15th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2014 Successfully Held in Qingdao

Srpsko livacko drustvo

Organized by Suppliers China Co., Ltd and co-organized by National Technical Committee 54 on Foundry of Standardization Administration of China, the 15th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2014 (hereinafter referred to as FSC) has been successfully held on Sep. 23rd in Grand Regency Hotel, Qingdao. More than 500 delegates from home and abroad attended this conference, including over 130 purchasers from 20 countries and 380 domestic and foreign suppliers.

FSC is different from the traditional Canton Fair where set booths for suppliers, FSC centers on the purchasers with offering them a chance of giving a procurement presentation, and tables for face-to-face negotiation with suppliers.

The casting sourcing projects of the attended buyers relate to automotive industry, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, compressor, pump and valve, fluid control, hydraulic transmission, petroleum chemical industry, hardware tools, marine, electric power and other industries. The purchasing managers from multinational companies have introduced their procurement conditions, emergency purchasing projects, their companies  qualification and requirements for suppliers, for instance, the senior officer from Daimler has introduced the present situation and the future direction of the global procurement chain, the demands of heavy truck aluminum castings, and the process for suppliers of entering the supply chain; the procurement director from Meritor Inc. has introduced the global sourcing strategy, supply chain management system, and procurement projects in China; the managers from TATA Motors have introduced auto parts procurement strategy, and the present purchasing projects; the purchasing manager from CNH(CASE IH&NEW HOLLAND) has introduced the changes of agricultural machinery castings procurement, and the requirements for suppliers; and managers from DAB Pump, JJUAN, and BCI have also respectively stated their procurement projects in detail.

Reflections from suppliers: in the market background of improving multinational casting purchasers and integrating the global supply chain, it s necessary for casting producers to learn the detailed procurement projects through FSC, to negotiate with purchasers efficiently, to know about the future procurement strategy from multination enterprises and their positions of suppliers in China and the Asia-Pacific Region, to get information of international buyers  supply chain management system and their support plans for suppliers, which will help casting suppliers grasp market opportunities accurately, so as to not only improve themselves to meet the challenges initiatively, but also provide them a beneficial reference to draw up a long-term business development plan.

The organizing committee have invited more than 380 suppliers to meet purchasers on this conference, following suppliers have given presentations on their products: Wuxi Changan Nonferrous Casting Works, Qingdao Haier Moulds Co.,Ltd, Longkou Jinlong Construction Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd and Cixi Huili Machinery & Electric. They have received purchasers  great attention by introducing their main products, hardware facilities, technical strength, and management level and so on. In addition, some suppliers have also showed representative samples, which attracted buyers to come to visit and negotiate and raised the efficiency of their negotiations.

During the discussion that afternoon, the staff from FSC offered negotiation tables to purchasers so that they could face to face negotiate with suppliers. Due to the organizing committee had carried out the business matching service three months ago, many suppliers and purchasers had contacted with each other before the conference beginning and directly talked about their demands around the negotiation tables, which greatly improved the efficiency of this conference and showered with praise from both suppliers and purchasers.

Relying on universal casting procurement database and world casting supplier database, with the principle of being operated by market, FSC provides services like holding the Global Foundry Sourcing Conference, B2B, publications, and information consultation and so on. FSC would like to develop more excellent suppliers to optimize the supply chain for purchasers, and according to suppliers  demand of exploiting market to invite more global buyers to purchase in China and its neighboring countries. FSC is committed to build a professional procurement platform for both casting suppliers and purchasers, and hopes to make more contribution to foundry industry health development in China.